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    McGahee almost ready to come back

    Check out this article about Willis McGahee. I'm not a Bills fan but I'm very anxious to see what this guy can do.

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    after getting his knee totally ripped apart, and to be able to play at all this year, it would be something short of a miracle!!

    most folks, including myself, thought he was out for the entire NFL rookie year!

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    He will probly get reinjured. Most experts are saying that reconstruction needs at least a full year to play. who knows maybe he can do it but odds are that he wont play that often. The biggest thing is that the bills need a Rb and quickly. henry hurt, sam gash hurt, They were on like there 5th string Rb one game


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    exactly!, at least a year, considering he tore 3 of the 4 ligaments that hold a knee!

    and what's worse, Buffalo plays on artificial turf!

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    Yeah odds are he will probly get reconstruction on the other knee and retire from football all together cuz of the problems it iwll bring

    they say that could be a serious issue to


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    i hope he does well, it was sad to see him have that injury, i actually like 1 guy that comes out of miami, maybe cuz hes not a criminal, but u never kno with miami grads

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    Well, he's practicing so it'll be a couple of more weeks before he gets a chance at a carry in an actual game.

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