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Thread: What can I get for around $50?

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    Smile What can I get for around $50?

    Looking to see what I can get for around $50. Really only looking for Superstar (Favre, Manning, Tomlinson, Peppers)& Star Rookie Cards (Bush, Leinart,& Young).

    LMK the best lot I can get.

  2. Allgood (eBay Store)
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    Check my bucket and lmk. Gores are gone, as well as a few of the others I traded today.

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    A 06 Bowman Chrome DeAngelo Williams Auto #ed/199, pics in my bucket.

    Thanks, Ryan

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    check my bucket as well
    if u buy anyhitng i can send tommorw with dc

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    BGT-- I like the Ronnie Brown RPM & Leaf R&S Longevity cards, Drew Topps Total Gu, Larry Johnson RPM, Leinart Leaf R&S GU, any of the Marino GU's.

    Rhyno-- I like the Peyton Manning UD GU

    TruBettisFan-- I Like the 2 Tomlinson GU's

    LMK your best offers and I'll consider them all.

    Tyler-- Didn't see anything I could use.

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    I just traded all my Ronnie Browns on, as well as my Leinart. I still have my LJ Patch/Jersey RPM RC, and most of my Marinos. I could give you the Drew JSy RC< LJ RC RPM Dual, and a Dual Jersey Marino 100#d BV $60

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    Sorry bud, but the Manning Game Used is gone, just forgot to remove it from the bucket. I appreciate you taking a look though.

    Thanks again, Ryan

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    All I saw I could use was the Leinart Chrome SE & Peyton Manning GU.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kimberjade Cards
    Check my bucket.

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