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Thread: WTTF/WTB Complete Sets

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    WTTF/WTB Complete Sets

    I will trade very heavily for complete sets such as 89 Upper Deck, 92 Bowman, 94 Fleer Update, 94 SP, 97 Bowmans Best, Topps Traded Sets etc...basically any years, any premium sets. Please LMK via a PM. Thanks

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    I have a complete set(except for 2 cards) of 2000 Topps Series 1 and 2. Let me know if you need that.

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    Cbethun1..not really familiar with that set, who are the top RC's from that set? if they are decent I am interested

    Redsox- I will buy depending on price and set, but I'm not looking to spend a lot but I will buy. Please PM me and LMK

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    Mike Colangelo
    Chris Mears
    Josh Kalinowski
    Michael Tejera
    BJ Garbe
    Larry Bigbie
    Bobby Bradley
    Chance Caple
    Bret Myers
    Ryan Christianson
    Jason Stumm
    Rob Purvis
    Mike Lamb
    Julio Zuleta
    Scott Downs
    Corey Myers
    Ben Christensen
    Richard Stahl
    Barry Zito
    Ben Sheets
    Kurt Ainsworth
    Ty Howington
    Vince Faison
    Rick Asadorian
    Jeff Heaverlo
    Keith Reed
    Mike MacDougal
    Brad Baker

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    I'd probably be interested in that, it would depend on what you are looking for. Check my site and LMK

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    Well..The Complete Set(series 1 and 2) is valued in beckett for $60.

    How much in favor are you looking to trade?

    I can also sell for 50% beckett value..I could sell it to you for $30(shipping included) if you would rather buy.

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    I'd pass on buying, I'm not looking to pay more then like 15% BV for sets (obviously more for nicer sets) so I realize most people would rather trade. I can trade somewhere between 60-100 in trade, it completely depends on what you need...I'm not really looking to trade $60.00 in GU since I really only need the RC's from the set, but I will trade in your favor still. Take a look and LMK

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    What does the Wade Miller auto Book For?

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    I will also trade your 1987 Fleer Barry Bonds Straight up for the entire set if it is Nrmt- Mint condition.


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