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Thread: black refractor in tc.

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    black refractor in tc.

    i got 2 packs of topps chrome today and the only real good card was a jermaine o'neal black refractor /99 anyone know the odds of pulling this? and anyone know what gold refractors are numbered to?

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    2006-07 Topps Chrome gold refractors are numbered to 25. I am not sure about the odds of pulling a black refractor though. I would think about 1:6 or somewhere in that range.

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    The odds are usually alot harder thatn one in 6. That is usually the odds on a regular refractor.

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    Black Refractor odds are 1:67. Nice pull. I just got a pack today and pulled a Gold Refractor, odds 1:266

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    dang thats pretty nice,is that hobby??

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    All the rookie autos are on black borders though, correct?

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    I think, i havent pulled one yet tho.

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