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    Triple Threads Chad Jackson Auto

    Have a Chad Jackson Topps Triple Threads 3 jersey swatch autograph rookie #ed/99 (The true rookie). Looking to swap for another rookie auto of someone I like better (Kansas City Chiefs, Arizona Cardinals, Vernon Davis, Greg Jennings, Laurence Maroney).


  2. Kronozio
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    i might be interested depending what kind of bv your after. check out my tradelist here:
    lmk thanks necron 9d9

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    I like these three cards:

    Deacon Jones 2004 Classics auto /75 (chipping on top edge of card)
    Mike Singletary 06 Leaf Limited 'hardwear' helmet /86 bv $12-$15
    Dwight Freeney 2004 Topps Pristine All-Pro Endorsments auto/pro bowl gu(white w/ stitch holes) bv40

    With the Jones having chipping, I would say those are pretty close to the value I am looking on for the Chad.


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    hmmm. that was honestly a little more than i was thinking... any chance you would do it without the singletary helmet? just for the deacon and the freeney autos?
    lmk thanks necron 9d9

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    Hmm.... I think I'd have to pass. Without the Singletary, I end up trading laterally, I don't like what I am getting any better than what I am giving up, and feel Jackson has a lot more potential to rise in value. That card is the card I can trade in a separate deal and justify the swap.


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