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Thread: im back

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    im back

    I was in the hospital for a while

    Sorry for the delays to whoever I had deals with

    Feng - im going to send your money out tomorrow

    Colby - I sent your cards out

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    Wow, it's been a really long time since I last saw you on here. Sorry about you feeling sick. Anything new to trade? Also when was the last time you were on here?

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    I was involved in a accident, I dont really remember when the last time I was here but im glad i can work these deals out with the people I have traded with - wouldnt like to rip anybody off

    tigersfan12 - ill have a list up soon

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    two months later, and I still haven't received cards

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    Originally posted by ckretsqrl1
    two months later, and I still haven't received cards
    You shouldn't have had to wait that long for cards.

    Be sure to contact either BGray and Iggy and let them know about that.
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