Looking for Emmitt, B. Sanders, P. Manning or Aikman

Here is the list:

2006 Alexander, Shaun Topps Draft Picks and Prospects2004 Alexander, Shaun Flair
2001 Allen, Marcus Topps Archives Reprint Relic
2001 Allen, Marcus Topps Archives Reserve
2001 Alstott, Mike Topps Reserve
2004 Anderson, Scotty Playoff Prestige
2001 Bednarik, Chuck Topps Archives
2006 Bettis, Jerome Playoff Prestige
2002 Bettis, Jerome Pacific
2001 Bledsoe, Drew Upper Deck
2003 Bledsoe, Drew Topps Chrome
2003 Boller, Kyle Playoff Honors
2003 Boller, Kyle Fleer Hot Prospects Jersey
2001 Boston, David SP Game Used Edition
2006 Brady, Tom Leaf Certified Materials
2004 Branch, Deion Topps Pristine
2002 Brooks, Aaron Pacific
2001 Brunell, Mark Upper Deck
2003 Bryant, Antonio Upper Deck Standing O
2003 Burleson, Nate Upper Deck Finite
2003 Burress, Plaxico Flair Showcase
2006 Calhoun, Brian Leaf Rookies and Stars Longevity
2001 Carmazzi, Geonetti Impressions
2004 Carter, Quincy Flair
2002 Chambers, Chris Fleer Box Score
2002 Chavous, Corey Private Stock Titanium
2004 Chrebet, Wayne Playoff Prestige
2003 Clark, Dallas Leaf Rookies and Stars
2006 Clemens, Kellen Bowman
2006 Clemens, Kellen Bowman
2004 Colbert, Keary Topps Pristine
2001 Coles, Laveranues Prism Atomic
2004 Culpepper, Dante Absolute Memorabilia
1999 Culpepper, Dante Collector's Edge 1st Place
2001 Culpepper, Dante Pacific Game Gear 49/99
2004 Darling, Devard Upper Deck Rookie Futures Jersey
2004 Darling, Devard Leaf Rookies and Stars
1999 Davis, Terrell Collector's Edge Odyssey
2005 Davis, Terrell Donruss Classics
2002 Dilfer, Trent Pacific
2002 Duckett, TJ Leaf Rookies and Stars
2006 Elway, John Donruss Classics
2004 Evans, Lee Upper Deck Foundations
2003 Fargas, Justin Playoff Hogg Heaven
2002 Faulk, Marshall Fleer Classic
2001 Faulk, Marshall Private Stock 13/25
2004 Faulk, Marshall Playoff Hogg Heaven
2003 Faulk, Marshall Absolute
2004 Faulk, Marshall Topps Pristine
2002 Faulk, Marshall Fleer Platinum I
2002 Favre, Brett Pacific Heads Up
2001 Favre, Brett UD Top Tier
2006 Favre, Brett Donruss Threads
2005 Fitzgerald, Larry Donruss Classics
2002 Freeman, Antonio Pacific
2001 Garcia, Jeff Upper Deck Pros and Prospects
2001 Garcia, Jeff Upper Deck Pros and Prospects
2001 Garcia, Jeff Upper Deck Vintage Threads
2002 Garcia, Jeff Fleer Authenix
2005 Garcia, Jeff Ultra
1997 George, Eddie Pro Line Gems
2001 George, Eddie Titanium Post Season
2002 Gilmore, Bryan Private Stock Titanium 639/1100
2003 Green, Ahman Flair Showcase Football's Best Jersey
2004 Green, William Leaf Longevity 103/125
2002 Groce, Clif Exclusive
2003 Harrington, Joey Topps Pristine Ignitors
2006 Harrison, Marvin Playoff Prestige
2002 Harrison, Marvin Fleer Box Score Press Clippings
2006 Harrison, Marvin Donruss Threads
2006 Harrison, Marvin Absolute Memorabilia
2006 Hasselbeck, Matt Absolute Memorabilia
2004 Henderson, Devery Leaf Rookies and Stars Jersey 23/750
2004 Holmes, Priest Flair Hot Numbers 60/150
2005 Holmes, Priest Absolute Memorabilia
2002 Holt, Tory Fleer Hot Prospects Hot Materials
2003 Holt, Tory Upper Deck Honor Roll Dean's List Silver 142/200
2006 Jackson, Chad Absolute Memorabilia
2006 Jackson, Chad Absolute Memorabila
2001 Jackson, James Fleer Hot Prospects Rookie Postmarks 1575/1975
2003 James, Edgerrin Absolute Memorabilia Boss Hoggs 73/125
2003 Johnson, Andre Topps Pristine Rookie Premiere Jersey
2004 Johnson, Bethel Upper Deck Diamond Collection Future Jems
2006 Johnson, Chad Playoff Prestige
2003 Johnson, Chad Upper Deck Honor Roll Dean's List Silver 126/200
2001 Johnson, Doug Private Stock Game Worn Jersey
2002 Johnson, Ron Flair Franchise Tools
2001 Johnson, Rudi Leaf Rookies and Stars Freshman Orientation
2006 Jones, Deacon Donruss Classic Singles Jersey 147/250
2004 Jones, Julius Fleer
2005 Jones, Matt Absolute Memorabilia Rookie Jersey
2005 Jones, Thomas Leaf Certified Materials
2003 Kingsbury, Kliff Bowman Fabric of the Future
2003 Leftwich, Byron Upper Deck Honor Roll Dean's
2005 Leftwich, Byron Donruss Elite Career Best Jersey 97/175
2006 Lewis, Mercedes Absolute Memorabila
2004 Lewis, Ray Flair Hot Numbers 24/200
2001 Lynch, John Topps Pro Bowl Jersey
2001 Manning, Archie Upper Deck Past Patterns
2004 Martin, Curtis Topps Pristine Fan Favorites
2002 Martin, Curtis Donruss Classic New Millenium Classics 309/400
2003 Martin, Curtis Absolute Memorabilia Canton Absolutes 138/150
2001 Martin, Curtis Fleer Hot Prospects Goal Post
2004 McAddley, Jason Playoff Prestige Game Day Jerseys
2004 McAllister, Deuce Upper Deck Game Jersey
2006 McAllister, Deuce Fleer
2002 McCown, Josh SP Legendary Cuts Rookie Recruits
2004 McCown, Luke Leaf Rookies and Stars Jersey 538/750
2005 McGahee, Willis Upper Deck Game Jersey
2001 Morgan, Quincy Fleer Focus
2002 Morris, Maurice Bowman's Best Jersey 332/399
2000 Morton, Johnnie Fleer Feel the Game
2003 Moss, Randy Fleer Showcase
2002 Moulds, Eric Donruss Gridiron Kings Gridiron Cuts 232/400
2000 Namath, Joe Greats of the Game Feel the Game Classics
2003 Newman, Terence Playoff Honors Rookie Gems 349/700
2002 Owens, Terrell Fleer Box Score Yard Markers
2001 Owens, Terrell Prism Atomic Jersey
2003 Pace, Orlando Upper Deck Honor Roll Dean's List Silver 114/200
2003 Palmer, Carson Leaf Rookies and Stars Freshman Orientation 290/600
2006 Palmer, Carson Ultra
2006 Plummer, Jake Playoff Prestige
2004 Plunkett, Jim Greats of the Game Glory of Their Time Jersey
2004 Portis, Clinton Upper Deck Diamond Collection Deans List
2003 Portis, Clinton Fleer Hot Prospects Hot Materials Red 42/50
2003 Portis, Clinton Fleer Genuine Insider Touchdown Totals w/Tomlinson
2003 Ragone, Dave Leaf Rookies and Stars
2003 Ragone, Dave Upper Deck Honor Roll Dean's List
2006 Reed, Josh Donruss Threads
2003 Rice, Jerry Ultra Touchdown Kings 192/400
2002 Richardson, Tony Private Stock Titanium 102/300
2002 Ritchie, Jon Private Stock Titanium 378/1100
2003 Robinson, Marcus Upper Deck Honor Roll Dean's List
2003 Sanders, Frank Playoff Prestige Game Day Jerseys
2005 Shelton, Eric Upper Deck Sweet Spot Swatch
2000 Smith, Jimmy Fleer Feel the Game
2002 Smith, Jimmy Topps Reserve Game Used
2005 Suggs, Lee Leaf Certified Materials Mirror White 157/175
2004 Taylor, Lawrence Greats of the Game Glory of Their Time Jersey
2004 Tomlinson, LaDainian Fleer Showcase
2005 Tomlinson, LaDainian Donruss Gridiron Gear
2005 Tomlinson, LaDainian Donruss Elite Career Best Jersey 103/103
2005 Tomlinson, LaDainian Upper Deck
2006 Tomlinson, LaDainian SPx
2001 Toomer, Amani SP Game Used Edition
2003 Trufant, Marcus Playoff Honors Rookie Gems 81/700
2002 Vanden Bosch, Kyle Private Stock Titanium 1017/1100
2006 Vick, Michael Donruss Gridiron Gear
2002 Walker, Marquise Leaf Rookies and Stars Freshman Orientation 327/650
2003 Warner, Kurt Fleer Showcase
2002 Warner, Kurt Pacific Exclusive
2002 Warner, Kurt Fleer Box Score Yard Markers
2002 Warner, Kurt SP Legendary Cuts Classic Threads 1/350
2001 Warrick, Peter Titanium Patch Variation 117/120
2004 Washington, Kelley Upper Deck Rookie Review Jersey
2005 Wayne, Reggie Upper Deck
2002 White, Dez Private Stock Titanium 86/250
2003 White, Jamel Playoff Prestige Game Day Jerseys
2004 Williams, Reggie Bowman's Best Jersey
2004 Williams, Reggie SP Authenic
2002 Woodson, Darren Playoff Piece of the Game 1st Down 99/205