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Thread: Turkey Red MOJO!!!

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    Turkey Red MOJO!!!

    hey guys, so i got a box of turkey red in tampa during my vacation, and i got a lot of base and parallels...(reds, whites, blacks...) but i have no time to list them here. here are the three (thats right...THREE) hits of my box...

    #1: Maurice Ager RC jsy card

    #2: Lebron James oversized cabinet card (boxtopper)


    I officially love topps :)
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    Nice stuff! Sweet pull on the Bargnani Black Auto #5/10! Congrats!

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    Topps is much better than Upper Deck. I usually always buy Topps because you get more for your money and they have exclusive deals with my 2 favorite players, Wade and Shaq. I haven't bought an Upper Deck box in over a year and I've only bought 5-6 in the past 3 1/2 years.

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