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Thread: card show pickup+breaks

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    card show pickup+breaks

    pick up 2 dollars each
    Mitch Richmond Jersey Heights lakers
    Jayson Williams sott auto nets
    Jason Williams 0001 feel the game jsy kings NFT
    Gerald Green pristine uncommon relic/500 celtics
    Jameer Nelson Sweet Shot jersey magic

    0607 sweetshot

    Jermaine O'neal

    Sweet shot jersey gold Jeff McInnis /50
    Sweet Swatches Gilbert Arenas/Antawn Jaimson jsy /199

    Sweet Shot Signature Shots Al Jefferson
    Signature Shots James White pacers /799 (victim number 100000 to get a frekin james white auto from a box)

    good? no good? ok?

  2. Allgood (eBay Store)
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    box looks a bit disappointing, but good pickups on the Green and Nelson cards

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    You got a great deal on the Gerald Green GU and Jameer Nelson GU. Congrats! BTW, I am interested in the Gerald Green GU. PLMK what you are looking for in return. Thanks!

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    Didnt see much but i want to trade up for that walton auto.

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    Sorry, it's only tradeable towards an Amare Auto. Thanks though!

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