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Thread: looking to do some trades

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  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    I like the cabrera auto's. LMK if you like anything I hsve in my tradelist in my sig.

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    I could use the Cabrera gu auto, check my bucket.

    Thanks, Eric

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    whitesoxfan sorry didn't see anyting I could use
    Jurgy25 only interested in your pc autos nft

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    WOuld you sell the cabreras? WHat would be the price?

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    I like the Verlander.
    I trade by Beckett bv ONLY. I only collect gu and autos.
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    whitesoxfan would rather trade then sell the cabreras spx auto bv$40 fleer auto bv$50

    hoeser only liked the elton brand auto in your pc and the elton brands you traded

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