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Thread: Updated Tradepage More GUs

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    Updated Tradepage More GUs (Updated 10/11)

    Just updated my page check it out. Im still lookin for emmitt,lemieux and montana stuff first but send me your list I might like something else. Got photos on request. Thanks
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    Bv on this: 2003 Topps Finest Moments W. Mays Auto

    LMK Thanks.

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    Depends on the gus I cant trade it for a bunch of lower end dudes, it is mantle. I would look at what you are offering

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    I have a few Emmitt and a few Lemieux cards to trade!

    96 All Sport PPF #87
    92 Pacific Stat Leaders 6/30
    95 UDCC Player's Club #234
    92 Skybox #308
    95 Edge #56
    95 Impact #41
    96 Topps #306
    97 Score #4

    Mario Lemieux

    94/95 UDCC Crash (silver redemption set card)#C25
    02/03 Topps #2
    96/97 Score #6
    96/97 UDCC Crash (silver redemption set card)#CR5
    93/94 Ultra Premier Pivots 4/10
    93/94 Upper Deck Gretzky'sGreat Ones GG4
    95/96 Leaf/Donruss Cool Trade Wrapper Redemption Card NNO

    I also have a couple of sets that have Lemieux cards in them as well.

    93/94 Leaf Hat Trick Artists (10 card set w/2 Lemieux)
    93/94 Parkhurst Silver Crash Set (28 card set w/1 Lemieux card)

    My primary interest is Greg Maddux, but I also collect current/recent Diamondbacks rookie/prospects. I also collect Paul Kariya cards, and will consider other Baseball star cards as trade bait! PLMK if you are interested in any of these cards.......
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    Always looking for Greg Maddux cards, auto's, GU, etc.

    Maddux Collection - 1692/6772 25%

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