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Thread: New guy

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    New guy

    Hey new here
    I like to collect baseball, basketball, football
    My name is mike
    Favorite teams are the Yankees, Pistons, and Broncos
    Also like Notre Dame
    Hit me up for some trades

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    Hey i have a Andrew Jones Sweet Patch number to like 25
    LMK in your interested

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    Welcome to SCF, and I hope you enjoy the site as much as I do!

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    Welcome! You will have fun here.
    I trade by Beckett bv ONLY. I only collect gu and autos.
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    anyone wanna fill me in on the whole cardcash thingy?

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    mike_putti - Cardcash (also known as CC) is SCF currency. 100 CC = $1.00 and 1 CC = $0.01. Therefore, since I have around 1,225 CC that would be equal to $12.25. However, some members will put there are own value on CC. Here is a thread with more info on CC...

    I hope that helps you. :)

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    Welcome to SCF! Have fun and see you in the football area.

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    Welcome to SCF! It's good to see a fellow Irish fan.

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