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Thread: Celtics / Pistons Game 10-9

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    Celtics / Pistons Game 10-9

    Ok, i went to last nights game and all I got to say is the celtics are in trouble this yr. I know its only preseason..but still.
    I also got a chance to see Darko play and he plays scared, not really knowing what to do out there on the court. He has the potential but will need some time to ajust to the american style of basketball.

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    celtics will always be in trouble, as long as they have no center, and Antoine Walker throwing in 33-footers.

    During the past 2-3 seasons, Walker has proven to be a liability, esp. in the playoffs, where he keeps throwing up 12-15 three pointers and making not many.

    Celtics need to get rid of Walker, and get a big man in the middle to play with Paul Pierce.

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    Just traded Antoine and Delk. I guess they are in trouble.

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