I am slowly, but surely getting rid of my basketball cards (hopefully I don't keep finding them, but you never know).
These 6 cards for $17.00 delivered or I will sell them for the prices listed individually.
I will also trade for Pujols or McGwire gued cards at 150% BV in your favor.

2003-04 Upper Deck MVP Materials Shirts TYSON CHANDLER Shirt card, #TC-SS, (4.00),
2005-06 SPx Winning Materials Combos DEVEAN GEORGE/BRIAN COOK Shorts and jersey card, George(shorts), Cook(jersey), #WC-GC, (4.50),
2003-04 Upper Deck Sweet Shot Sweet Swatches STEPHON MARBURY Uniform card, #SM-SS, (4.00),
2002-06 Topps Xpectations Xtra Threads Relics JERMAINE O'NEAL C Warm up card, #XT-JO, (5.50),
2005-06 Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects WAYNE SIMIEN Jersey card, #WSR-WS, (4.50),
2002-03 Topps Pristine Popular Demand CHRIS WEBBER Warm up card, PD-CW, (5.50)