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Thread: 05-06 SPx Box Break!

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    05-06 SPx Box Break!

    Not too shabby

    Winning Materials Chris Webber FT!
    McGrady/Ming Winning Combo FT!
    Charlie Ward/ David Wesley winning combos (?? WINNING ??)
    Jose Calderson RC /1499 FT!
    Hakhim Warrick SPXcitement RC /1999 FT!
    A. Jaminson SPxcitment vets /999 FT!
    Francisco Garcia AUTO/JRSY FT

    Deron WIlliams SPx Auto/jersey /750 (only trading for Foye, Mccants)

  2. Kronozio
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    like the Deron. Please check my Bucket and send a PM if it is available.

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    Nice pulls! Congrats on the Deron Williams SPx Auto/Jersey!

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