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Thread: Derek Jeter 2007 Topps Error

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    Derek Jeter 2007 Topps Error

    I pulled two out of my hobby box, one red backed and one regular. As hot as they are on ebay right now (mine are both there at the moment) I would need a serious sell offer or a nice trade offer to part with one- not sure if anyone is "jumping aboard the bandwagon" but if anyone would like to make me a reasonable offer on the Jeter, I would entertain them, and if the offer was good, I would pull the cards from ebay

    The regular one is sold, if anyone is interested i can sell the red back for 110 delivered.

    If no ones interested, thanks for the read- please dont leave flaming comments about how Im trying to rip people off, because Im not. I know the card will likely cool off considerably, but until it does, if people want it that bad, I plan to try and get the market for it

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    I'm kicking myself right now because a few days ago I could have bought them for $10.00. hahaha.

    Oh well. Congrats on the awesome pulls.

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    yeah, i fully expect them to drop down in the next 1-2 days, and will probably be about a 2 dollar card in a month, but we shall see
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    sold the regular one for 80 bucks just now, red backed one is available if anyone cares
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    palantri: went and bought the local Wal-Mart out and got 4 of them....plan on listing them on ebay!
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    good plan- i looked tonight at my target, but they didnt have any blaster boxes, someone beat me to it
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    you guys better get rid of these quick as topps is only changing them in complete sets

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    already doing so- i know they are gonna be dime a dozen real quick, but ill take my 80 bucks and be happy- and if i dont sell the red back one- hell, one card paid for the box of topps...
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    yeah ed great pulls and at the right time (with my luck ill get one in a month :(

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    mine was out of a blaster... 10 bucks and pulled a 70 dollar CV card LMAO... plus already sold a few of the inserts for 10 total.... ah well.... i guess i should feel bad tkaing advantage of idiots lol
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