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Thread: My UD Redemption

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    My UD Redemption

    I pulled a 05-06 RC Rookie Debut AU of David Lee.

    I got these cards as a replacement.

    What do you think? Does anybody knows anything about the Gordon? It is not listed I think. Also the card says 03-04, but Gordons rookie year was 04-05.

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    ick- id be pitching a to upper deck- David Lee is hot stuff right now, I dont think you got fair value for the card, but thats just my personal opinion
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    Nope, definitely not fair value. I believe the Gordon is an XRC...

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    I'd rather have the Lee :(

    It would probably sell for around $10, but then the cards you got are a buck a piece on ebay..

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    The gordon is a $25.00 card. I would trade those three anyday for the lee.

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    tierre brown is correct its a a XRC. it was a redemption from the 03-04 UD Legends set. hope that helps

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