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    Exclamation Getting permit soon! NEED TO SELL NOW! TONS FOR SALE!

    Just heard that I will probably getting my permit within the next few weeks. That means, I need money for a car VERY VERY SOON!!!!! Please help me out! My mom said I need to clear off my desk, floor, and under my bed! I seriously need some of this stuff gone by the end of the week. There is A TON of stuff not on my bucket/rookie lists, so PLEASE ask is you are looking for a certain player/team, especially when you are looking for team/player base/insert lots. I am selling stuff from all sports at the following prices:

    1. game used and autos (depending on the cards)- 30-33% bv plus shipping

    2. #'d cards, inserts, rookies, refractors, graded cards (depending on the cards)- 20-25% bv plus shipping

    3. team/player lots (depending on the players/teams involved- $1 per 10 cards plus shipping


  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    like the following
    Jennings chrome
    Hagan Chrome
    Palomalu rc
    Shaub rc
    please pm me bvs and best dlvd price

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    Bah Humbug! Take the Bus! :P Jk.

    Prices on these please:
    Brooks Auto Patch /25
    Charles Rogers Patch

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    Need the Maroney UD Limited RC, Ronnie Brown UD limited RC whats the best you can do for these

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    jackson/perry g/u
    boomer ball
    topps chrome manny lawson

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