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Thread: McCants RCs

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    McCants RCs

    Okay, I'm going to see how many rookie cards of McCants I can get. Base, insert, anything. Right now I can only afford to trade for, but may considering buying later on. Since there are 387 I'll leave off making a list of what I need. But right now all I have is:
    McCants Signature Reflections Blue
    SPXcitement Rookies
    Topps Chrome Black Refractor
    Rookie Debut
    SP Authentic Rookie Autographs

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    Hey got this......lmk
    05-06 Topps First Row Rashad McCants /325

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    Like the Ultra and Ovation MJ. Lmk if you would do those 2 for it. Thanks!

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    got his topps 52 style rc...see what else you like of mine and maybe we can get a larger trade goin...

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    I have these. Do you have any Dwyane Wade base to trade?

    Bowman Gold rc bv:$10
    Topps First Row parallel #/325 bv:$10

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    madd - That's maybe a little steep... any other McCants no matter how cheap you have from his rookie season? Or current t'wolves?

    zach - I like this:

    springwood - I basically just unloaded all my wade a little while ago.. I may have some cheaper base, but nothing too fantastic...
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    Got some topps and 52 style rc's. I see you have em already. but lmk

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    I'd be interested in any Wade base I can get. Let me know if you have any left.

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    I have this years rookie debut base as well as last years hardcourt base... That's it right now.

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