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    Tradelist Help

    I'm making a new tradelist and I was wondering if I should do it by teams, players, years, sets, ect. PLMK what I should do it by and what you prefer looking at when you see tradelists, thanks!

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    I prefer it by years, then sets. If someone is looking for a certain card, it is easier to find this way. On the other hand, if someone is looking for a certain player, having them listed by player is helpful. What if you made 2 tradelists and named them, "By Year" and "By player"? Might work!
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    Thanks for the help, I was thinking of doing a year and player, but just wanted to see what people prefer, thanks for the input.

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    Personally for me, nothing is worse than seeing a clusterfrug of names, years etc in a list that is "unkept" I won't even search it.

    Click this link and that is what I personally think a tradelist should look like!

    Good luck with your list/trades & sales! :)

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