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Thread: Books or toploaders

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    Question Books or toploaders

    I have a do you guys keep your cards nice. In a book or in toploaders and sleeves. I have all my autos/GU and rookies in books right now but am thinking of moving over to toploaders and sleeves. Got any suggestions ?

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    All mine are in 5000 Ct boxes with sleeves and toploaders...

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    Ohhh....ok thanks, they have those at my local card store and didnt know where to get one.

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    I have all my gu, auto, and good rc in sleeves and toploaders. Just keep my personal collection base and inserts in books.

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    same as bonds... all my inserts/gu/autos are in toploaders while low end base and star cards are in books
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    All my GU and Autos are in penny sleeves and toploaders. My base are in binders, but I do keep my PC base in penny sleeves and in a 200 or 300 ct. cardboard white box.

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    i go with the toploader/sleeve combo for my gu/auto's

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    Heres how I stay organzied:

    One side of a 500ct box- GU/Autos in toploaders
    Other side of 500 ct box- Good rc's and inserts in penny sleeves

    Shoe box with dividers for my gu/autos of PC people
    Binders for low rookies/inserts...pc people cards

    I keep base in the box I busted or just throw them in a box under my bed. I hate base. (Unless of someone in my PC :)

    Also have a shoe box to keep my empty toploaders and sleeves in

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