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Thread: Wanting Jake Delhomme

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    Wanting Jake Delhomme

    I am mostly wanting 00 SP Authentic and Leaf Rookies and Stars but will take all of his rookies, GU and Autos...


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    I'm not sure but I have these:

    Fleer Tradition and Score
    Thanks and God Bless

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    What are you looking for in trade...I also collect Deuce McAllister, Donte Stallworth, Joe Horn and Aaron Brooks rookies GU and if you have any of those I would love to make a nice trade...

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    I am in the process of getting a:

    2002 Exclusive Maximum Overdrive Donte Stallworth

    it should be here sometime this week.
    I have a Deuce 2001 Topps 353
    I think that is all I have...

    Thanks and God Bless

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    man i give you props for even posting you are a saints i meant aints bag has been on since preseason.

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    LSU23...Fainth ...all we need is Faith ...LOL

    P.S. what happened to LSU this weekend ...LOL

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    thefreak90js- sorry I dont have that much as far as Titans ...I do have some McNair rookies ...and some Titan inserts but nothing special from them...

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