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Thread: Mike Vick Patch... again

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    Mike Vick Patch... again

    I posted this a while ago but didn't have the pics to back it up. Now have pics and am willing to trade or sell.

    01 Fleer Traditon Rookie Retro Micheal Vick PATCH!!!

    Yes, patch! Don't pay a grand for the SP Authentic one, when this one is available.

    Please let me know what you want to do. I'm not wanting the look through long trade list so just post um here. And i'm not lookin to trade for some low end stuff, just higher end...

    Thanks for the time.

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    Don't be shy, I got pics if you don't believe the beauty this card has...

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    what players you lookin for then????? thaxs jamie jlderry30.

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    It books at 60. But this one is a patch... soooo, its kinda up to you.

    And i'm lookin for anything that catchs my eye.

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