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    2006 UD Legends Autos/Rookies for Trade

    Trading the following Autos:

    Nat Moore
    Ron McDole
    Joe Klecko
    Mike Quick
    John Cappelletti
    Jim Plunkett
    Gary Fencik
    Tommy Kramer
    Ron Mix
    John Brockington


    Will Blackmon
    Demetrius Williams
    Owen Daniels
    Miles Austin

  2. Kronozio
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    I like the Joe Klecko auto.
    I trade by Beckett bv ONLY. I only collect gu and autos.
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    Hoeser & OSUman- Looking for Emmitt, Barry Sanders, Aikman, P Manning or any other Cowboy inserts.

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    Joe Klecko
    John Cappelletti
    Jim Plunkett
    Tommy Kramer
    John Brockington

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    OSUman-didn't see any of my guys in your bucket.

    ICED-Do you have a trade list I can look at?

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    Iced- Basically I collect in this order: Emmitt, Barry, Aikman, Manning and then other Cowboys. And I am only looking for inserts.

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