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    Any Hilton Armstrong Collectors?

    The last three products I have opened, I've pulled autographs of Hilton Armstrong.

    UD Black Auto Autograph /50
    Press Pass Blue Autograph /50
    Turkey Red Autograph

    If anyone has any interest, please let me know.

    I'd be looking for comparable Indiana Pacers autographs in return.


  2. Allgood (eBay Store)
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    I like the auto /50 what bv are you looking for

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    Quote Originally Posted by T-MACcollector1
    Sorry, not interested.
    Great..thanks for replying then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wfufan1
    I like the auto /50 what bv are you looking for
    Probably $30-35 in book value. Have any Pacers for trade?


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    T-Mac - this isn't a direct rule, but as a matter of general courtesy, if you aren't interested in something, you don't have to tell another poster you arent interested - you can just move onto another thread without posting; thanks

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