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    Thumbs up 07 Topps Base and inserts for sale

    looking to sell not trade
    Gold cards Wells(459), Zito(1889), Howard #322 MVP (1538), Murphy Red sox RC (1430)
    Ted Williams:4,6,9,10,15,17
    Unlock the MIck:2
    WM:4(Ortiz),7(mantle),8(Reyes),11(Howard),14(Tejad a)
    Dist Serv:2(berra),9(truman),12(sauer),14(sisti),16(doo little)
    Arod- 9 and 10
    OTG:1(howard),5(Berklman),9(beltran),11(howard)15 Morneau, 17 (dye, 265 Halladay
    Gen Now howard 31 39,Utley 53,54,58,75 wang 89,morneau141, wright 152,169,180, weaver 194

  2. Allgood (eBay Store)
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    $5 bucs each $30 total. I am new at this forum thing how do we exchange, etc.? I don't know book value obviously, but I am looking to unload my entire collection. I also have BC Mantle card #7 let me know

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    thats a bit high wow last year they only booked 2.00 each. thnaks I will pass

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    thats fine i can go 2.50 each,if you would like do you wnat anything else??

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