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Thread: Wanna make some trades

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    Wanna make some trades

    Here is my HP:

    If somebody is interested PLMK

    Looking for Kobe Bryant or other good stuff
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    i need your dirk nowitzki gu card. please let me know if you see anything on my site. would you take cc for it??

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    i want your amare jersey. what do u want for it?

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    Like this: Whats BV on it.
    02-03 Upper Deck Practise Session Jason Terry

    Check my site.... tell me if you see anything. Thanks Ichiro

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    @Hot Sauce:
    Could need the Carter GU. Or have you got something about Kobe?

    Have you Kobecards?

    @Dejuan Wagner:
    Could need this:
    ray allen 01-02 upper deck 10th power jersey card
    But it doesn´t work with the BV.What else can I offer you?

    Could need:
    Jason Terry Fleer Platinum National Patch Time BV 12

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    what is the bv on nowitzki gu? i would trade the carter for it if the nowitzki books over $20. lmk

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    BV:30$ but I don´t know what the BV for the Carter GU is.

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    i can give you fleer premium ray allen jersey for the amare

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