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Thread: Sweet New Auto For Trade!!

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    Sweet New Auto For Trade!!

    01 Studio Private Signings 5x7 Edgar Martinez Auto

    Looking For a Nice Twins or Vikes Auto for this one.

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    Only Twins auto I have left is a Christian Guzman Topps 206, but I still have a couple Multi-colored Patch cards left on my tradesite. LMK if we can work something out, thanks

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    Well I already have the Guzman, and if I were to trade this one for Game used, it would have to be well in my favor.

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    Twins - I have a Killebrew Auto/50 incoming from 03 Donruss. BV is $50.

    Would you be interested in it? If so, I could trade it for the Edgar and cash. PLMK.

    Matt - Don't worry, if I get the Edgar, it's coming your way. Also, send me your addy so I can ship out the Vernon Wells Auto.

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    Aaron, I sent a PM over with my addy. Thanks, and if you could leave SCF feedback I'd appreciate it

    Twins- I can go over bv with GU'ed, though it looks like I have a good shot to get the Edgar regardless. Go ahead and LMK what interested you, thanks

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    Matt, I haven't got the $$$ yet for the Wells, but I just wanted to send it early. I'll leave feedback as soon as I get payment.

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    Payment was sent the day we made the deal, a little surprised it hasn't arrived since we're pretty close on the map anyways. Thanks though, and LMK when it comes
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    AC- Don't have much cash. Thanks though.

    Mad- I think I may wait and see what other offers I get.

    Thanks guys.

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    Well, the difference is BV is $25, so I was thinking maybe Killebrew for Edgar and $12?

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