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Thread: New Autos And GU For Trade!

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    New Autos And GU For Trade!

    Ok some are on my site and I'll trade for either 2002 Select Rookies And Prospects or BV 10 or more in autos.

    (I have two doubles from select)

    2002 Select Rookies And Prospects Brent Abernathy (BV 8)(IMO)
    2002 Select Rookies And Prospects Cesar Izturis (BV 8) (IMO)

    I accidentally traded for these twice and they are available.

    2000 SP Top Prospects Chilography Nick Johnson BV 8

    2003 UD MVP MVP Celebration Randy Johnson BV 5

    The Site Will Be Updated Over And Over Today!

    I will only trade for certain BV 10+ autos.

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    I'll trade you for the Nick Johnson, what are you looking for? LMK!!

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    I will trade in your favor for the Nick Johnson and give you a 2001 Sage Gold Autograph Samuel Dalembert #ed 33/80! It books for $15....LMK

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    Eric chavez--topps 205--bat
    I like this!Check my site!Will trade either auto!

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    I like the izturis. check my site for something.

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    Hemi, DEAL! PM me with your addy.

    Hairston, lets wait for it to come in and we can make a deal, ok?

    Rodent, I was interested in the Backe and the Wells.

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    BV of Backe is $15. Let me think up a possible trade. I think I'll save the wells for now.

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    So rodent, have you come to a decision? Also pretty much everything else is for trade except the nick johnson.

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    whats up tiger? you still got this 2003 Finest Bat Relics Todd Helton Bat BV 10

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