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Thread: World Series Patches

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    World Series Patches

    I still need them please let me know what you have.


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    Robert - What set are these from? I am headed to a show next week and after all this time, I still don't know what set they're from LOL Thanks and LMK!


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    Yes these are from 2002 World Series Heroes Box Toppers 5x7. Thanks for clarifing. If you can get some dillon maybe we can work out a deal for the Olerud Jerseys as well LOL. Let me know


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    I have the 1951 Yankee Patch card but,the only thing that i liked on your list was the Jeter GU card.

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    Iced~Are these from 2002 World Series Heroes? I am NOT looking for the ones from 2003 Patch Collection. PLease let me know PM me for a faster reply


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