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Thread: 2 autos left!

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    2 autos left!

    1996 Donruss Leaf Signatures Neifi Perez
    2000 UD Top Prospects Brandon Inge
    I will trade both of them for a decent player's gu'ed or will sell for $4 shipped,$4.50 paypal.LMK what you can offer!

  2. Kronozio
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    I know you didnt offer this... but will you accept CC? If not... I have some GU I could offer. PM me please.

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    hobafoo---pm sent!
    zitofan--I like any of these player's game-used!
    Jeff Bagwell
    Vlad Guerrero
    Rafael Palmeiro
    Cal Ripken
    I like these specifics
    2002 flair dual bats
    jeff bagwell/craig biggio
    RAFAEL PALMIERO 2000 UD patch 2 color
    BEN GRIEVE 2001 private stock patch 2 color (unique)yellow and white yellow almost makes triangle around white
    RAFAEL FURCAL 2 color batting glove UD

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