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    02 Upper Deck Diamond Connection GU needed

    ...And then there were 116.

    I am getting extremely close to finishing this set.I say extremely close because I am now about 81.6% complete of a very tough set.The set has 370 game used cards in a 630 card set.I have 514 total of all the cards and 254 of those I have are game used so that leaves 116 GU left.

    I have quite a few game used to trade as well as a lot of inserts and such so please check My Trade Page for items I have to use in trading.I do have some other cards from regular issue sets but have been too lazy to list them.Most of them are commons from 2000-2003 but I'll get around to listing those later.Listed below is what I need.

    02 UD Diamond Connection Needs:
    218 David Wells DC Jsy
    247 Ken Griffey Jr. DC Jsy
    266 Roger Clemens DC Jsy
    271 Mike Piazza BLH Jsy
    272 Alex Rodriguez BLH Jsy
    273 Ken Griffey Jr. BLH Jsy
    274 Jason Giambi BLH Jsy
    276 Greg Maddux BLH Jsy
    278 Roger Clemens BLH Jsy
    279 Jeff Bagwell BLH Jsy
    280 Todd Helton BLH Jsy
    282 Randy Johnson BLH Jsy
    283 Jim Thome BLH Jsy
    285 Darin Erstad BLH Jsy
    286 Eric Chavez BLH Jsy
    287 Barry Zito BLH Jsy
    288 Carlos Delgado BLH Jsy
    289 Omar Vizquel BLH Jsy
    290 Edgar Martinez BLH Jsy
    291 Manny Ramirez BLH Jsy
    293 Tom Glavine BLH Jsy
    296 Magglio Ordonez BLH Jsy
    297 Bernie Williams BLH Jsy
    299 Andruw Jones BLH Jsy
    303 Luis Gonzalez BLH Jsy
    309 Roberto Alomar BLH Jsy
    313 Bob Abreu BLH Jsy
    314 Scott Rolen BLH Jsy
    316 Jason Kendall BLH Jsy
    326 Ichiro Suzuki HM Jsy
    327 Rafael Palmeiro HM Jsy
    328 Alex Rodriguez HM Jsy
    329 Juan Gonzalez HM Jsy
    330 Manny Ramirez HM Jsy
    332 Eric Milton HM Jsy
    333 Frank Thomas HM Jsy
    334 Roger Clemens HM Jsy
    335 Jason Giambi HM Jsy
    337 Greg Maddux HM Jsy
    341 Kerry Wood HM Jsy
    342 Sammy Sosa HM Jsy
    343 Luis Gonzalez HM Jsy
    345 Jeff Kent HM Jsy
    350 Mike Sweeney HM Jsy
    351 Ken Griffey Jr. HM Jsy
    352 Todd Helton HM Jsy
    355 Pedro Martinez FC Jsy
    356 Frank Thomas FC Jsy
    357 Jason Giambi FC Jsy
    358 Bernie Williams FC Jsy
    359 Jeff Bagwell FC Jsy
    360 Chipper Jones FC Jsy
    361 Sammy Sosa FC Jsy
    362 Randy Johnson FC Jsy
    363 Shawn Green FC Jsy
    364 Mike Piazza FC Jsy
    365 Ichiro Suzuki FC Jsy
    366 Ken Griffey Jr. FC Jsy
    368 Jim Edmonds FC Jsy
    415 Ken Griffey Jr. DC Bat
    431 Kenny Lofton DC Bat
    433 Bernie Williams DC Bat
    443 Frank Thomas BLH Bat
    444 Greg Maddux BLH Bat
    445 Sammy Sosa BLH Bat
    446 Tom Glavine BLH Bat
    447 Chipper Jones BLH Bat
    450 Steve Finley BLH Bat
    453 Darin Erstad BLH Bat
    458 Edgar Martinez BLH Bat
    463 Ellis Burks BLH Bat
    465 Bernie Williams BLH Bat
    466 Tim Salmon BLH Bat
    477 Roberto Alomar BLH Bat
    479 Phil Nevin BLH Bat
    483 Brian Giles BLH Bat
    489 Darin Erstad HM Bat
    491 Carlos Delgado HM Bat
    493 Jim Thome HM Bat
    494 Mark Grace HM Bat
    497 Juan Gonzalez HM Bat
    499 Carlos Beltran HM Bat
    500 Andruw Jones HM Bat
    504 Craig Biggio HM Bat
    505 Greg Maddux HM Bat
    506 Chipper Jones HM Bat
    507 Pat Burrell HM Bat
    508 Jim Edmonds HM Bat
    509 Kerry Wood HM Bat
    510 Sammy Sosa HM Bat
    514 Preston Wilson HM Bat
    515 Roberto Alomar HM Bat
    519 Jorge Posada HM Bat
    520 Todd Helton HM Bat
    522 Alex Rodriguez FC Bat
    523 Pedro Martinez FC Bat
    524 Frank Thomas FC Bat
    525 Jason Giambi FC Bat
    526 Bernie Williams FC Bat
    527 J.D. Drew FC Bat
    528 Chipper Jones FC Bat
    529 Sammy Sosa FC Bat
    530 Randy Johnson FC Bat
    531 Shawn Green FC Bat
    532 Kevin Brown FC Bat
    533 Brian Giles FC Bat
    534 Ken Griffey Jr. FC Bat
    535 Larry Walker FC Bat
    536 Jim Edmonds FC Bat
    548 Pat Burrell BLH Jsy
    549 Adam Dunn BLH Jsy
    553 Roger Clemens FC Jsy
    565 Fred McGriff BLH Bat
    566 Manny Ramirez BLH Bat
    570 Todd Helton FC Bat

    Thanks for reading.

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  2. Kronozio
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    That is hell of a set to put together! I'll keep an eye out for these and let you know if I come across any of them. Thanks!


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    I will be.I am looking to complete the 630 card set first and then will be going after some of the other higher end items.I have 2 of the quad bat sets and will be going after the /50 quad bat set and the auto jerseys but not yet.

    I most likely will be buying those because I don't have any high end stuff up for trade.Just not ready to jump into it yet.


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    Originally posted by leiber88
    i have the todd helton jersey
    which card is it..280 or 352?

    LMK and what you would like in trade for it.


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    Originally posted by Rippaflow
    do you need any of the quads?
    No,I have completed 2 sets of the quad bats.

    Thanks though,

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    List has been updated after a couple of purchases (369 & 397).

    Down to 118 needed now.Ya got em to me please!


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