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Thread: Looking for.........

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    Looking for.........

    Fleer Platinum #'d Rookies.

    Inside the playbooks non jersey.

    All Vince Carter base, inserts, gu, autos EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!

    LMK what you got

  2. SCC Cyber Week 2017
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    mike batiste #ed /750 rookie

    Carter, Vince
    99-00 Upperdeck Now Showing
    99-00 UD Encore Jamboree
    99-00 UD Hardcourt New Court Order
    99-00 Finest Catalysts SP
    99-00 Showcase ConVINCEing #1
    99-00 Showcase ConVINCEing #7
    99-00 Skybox Dominion GameDay2K
    99-00 Fleer Focus Star Subjects
    00-01 Fleer Tradition Old School Raptor Sticker
    00-01 Fleer Tradition Sharp Shooters
    00-01 Fleer Tradition Hardcourt Classics
    00-01 Fleer Game Time Vince and the Revolution #2
    00-01 Skybox Premium Anni-Vince-ry 99-00 design
    00-01 Skybox Premium Skilled Artists
    00-01 Upperdeck Masters of the Arts
    00-01 MVP World Jam
    00-01 SpA Athletic
    00-01 SPx Spxcitement
    00-01 SPx Spxtreme
    00-01 SPx Masters
    00-01 Topps Stars Walk of Fame
    00-01 UD Slam Air Surpremacy
    00-01 UD Slam Airstyles
    00-01 Ultra Air Club for Men
    01-02 Upperdeck Decade Anniversary Team
    01-02 Stadium Club Dunkus Collossus
    01-02 TCC Heroes Honor
    02-03 Topps Top Tandems w/MoPete
    02-03 MVP Rising to the Occasion
    02-03 Fleer Boxscore Press Clippings
    02-03 Fleer Platinum Guts and Glory
    02-03 Upperdeck Dunkvision
    02-03 UD Superstars Keys to the City w/Delgado


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    i dont need the batiste but i will take all those VC u listed look at my site

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    you dont have a site listed, lol
    you need to update your sig or profile!

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    press pass dbl threat #10
    topps rc #199
    press pass netburner #4

    ud encore upper realm #4
    ud encore jamboree #15
    ud legends generations
    ud now showing #26

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    i can use the finley, webber, martin, and ben wallace jerseys
    could we work a deal concerning any of them

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    Please check my site,Vince Carter are listed under Basketball A-F

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    Iced cards look at my site need them all

    bdrr What finley do you want? But how bout waht ever finley you want and the webber for them all

    23jordan8kobe I need them but i dont have any mjs you can check my site tho Im also interested in this David Robinson 01-02 Topps Prestine-Slice of a Star LMK

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    Id trade all my Carters for Kmart sp Gu jersey & Miller Jersey

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