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Thread: 300cc for g/u or autos

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    300cc for g/u or autos

    I'm looking to get decent g/u or autos for up to 300cc a piece.

    As you probably know by now I like 2003 Finest and Donruss Elite but will definitely listen to any offer of g/u or autos.

    Let me know...

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    No thanks. BV is only $8. I would be willing to go 120cc tops.

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    magglio ordonez-2003 donruss big lge challenge jssy
    joe morgan-2001 ud heroes of baseball bat
    david wells-2002 ud summer swatch jsy
    mags-2003 t205 jsy
    josh towers-2001 leaf cert materials fielding glove numbered 100/200
    michael barrett-99 just auto paralell 157/200
    make me a cc offer on what youd l;ike.please pm me with the offer.

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    Hey redsox I want that Morgan if Patrick don't want it, what team is he pictured on?

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    he is in a reds uni.make me a cc offer and ill let you know.

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    Thanks for the response was hoping it was a Giants one so I will pass, thanks again though:)

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    I see you're from Seattle...Are you interested in a 2001 Private Stock Jay Buhner jersey ? BV is $10, I'd want 150 CC delivered.

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