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Thread: Upper Deck does it again

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    Angry Upper Deck does it again

    Thanks for nothing UD. Last July, I bought a sealed 20 box case of SP Authentic. Each case was supposed to have aserial numbered Ted Williams memorabilia card. Of course, mine did not. I wrote UD with all the info. Guess what UD sent me last week to make up for it? 2 packs of 03 SP Authentic. WOW, what sports. I sent the packs back to UD with a note telling tham they must need the $$$ more then I do. No wonder I dont buy hardly any UD products. Playoff,Donruss,Leaf get most of my $$$.

    Thanks for letting me share.

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    you hsould of opened em... i would have... what if htey put someting nice in their???

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    Recently i was not happy with a Upper Deck box that i got and i wrote them a kind, gentle letter. The box i bought was only $29.99. They sent me four packs of football cards back. IN each pack i got a Auto and/or jersey card totaling over $185.00!!!! I realy like upper deck...

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    Upper deck CS does not disappoint.. I hear they just do it in weird ways

    FLEER SUCKS.. Dont ever deal with them


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    Yeah, I think I would have opened the packs. You never know!

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    Looking for Hines Ward stuff, 2013 Topps Archives Gold, and Football HOF autos.

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    I understand your anger...but I agree with the folks above.

    You should've opened the packs they sent you.

    oh, well.....if UD does enough to upset a bunch of collectors, they will go the way of Pro Set and Pacific

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    I've always loved upper deck...when I was a youg kid UD first came out and I always bought packs and loved the way their cards looked...i never got anything good but, to me good cards were ones of the players I knew (cubs and white sox)

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