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Thread: WTTF: Vladimir Guerrero Auto's

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    WTTF: Vladimir Guerrero Auto's

    I am looking to trade for Auto's of Vladimir Guerrero. I have cards to trade in Baseball, Basketball, and Football. If interested in making a trade. PLMK Thank you

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    Do you have a 1987 Fleer Bonds rookie or a Bonds auto?
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    Yes, I have a 87 Bonds Rc in my personal collection I may part with. what auto do you have? plmk thank you

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    I will be getting (card is incoming) a 2003 Donruss Signature Inkcredible Triple auto of Guerrero, Vidro, Vazquez #'d/50 (BV$150). As you can see I collect Guerrero myself, but due to college, I must limit my trading activities. Bonds is still my favorite player so if I can only keep one card, I would prefer it to be a Bonds and in this case, i want a 1987 Fleer Bonds rookie.

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    okay, well let me know what you want for that card and I will see if I can help you out, thanks

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    As I have said before, 1987 Fleer Bonds, Bonds autos; will also consider autos or high end rookies from 1980-1995 in baseball, but I would prefer to have a nice Bonds card somewhere in the deal.

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    all i have is one Bonds Fleer Rc, sorry, thanks anyway for your time

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