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    check it outt

    Hey guys my as some of you might know i was thinking about going from Hockey to Baseball. Well it didnt work the interest just isnt there. I spent alot of money on this switch and need to make some back. I am looking to sell all my baseball cards as one lot. I am not looking to break it up and sell peices. I have New and Vintage cards. Not sure exactly who in vintage becuase i didnt bother going throught them. Thats when the interest died. I have One Patch and some GU cards. Scans are avaliable. Also found some interesteding rookies from the 90-2003 years. I am looking to sell everything for $150 + shipping or $200 DLVD. Incldudes Topps Traded sets from 80's and a few more complete sets from 1990's. Found a Frank Robinson 1971 Topps card bv $40 and a Torri Hunter Bowman Rookie. Just a couple i looked at. I am sure there is some good stuff in here. Let me know if your interested.

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    is there any gu or autos? also can you be more specific on complete sets you have,... i may be interested

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    Like i said I stopped goign through it all. GU i saw

    02 Topps Chrome 5 Card Stud 3 of a Kind Arod/Irod/Palmiero
    02 Leaf Shirt Off My Back Mark Buehrle Pacth ( sweet )
    02 Leaf Mirror Red Clemens Jersey #ed to 250

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    I highly doubt anyone will be interested unless they know what they're getting.

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    yeah, $200 delivered for a mystery lot is kinda hard to get.

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    why are you harassing me on the topps boards?
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    I am not rodent. You lied to the mod here and iw anna show everyone what you did, You damaged a nice crad just so you can feel like you got the last laugh. I will not stabnd for that. You try and ruin my name and I will tell the truth that simple

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    do you really think I'm going to intentionally damage a card I got for card cash? come on now. that would be pointless.

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