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Thread: Anyone????????

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    Does anyone have any star player auto (arod,pujols ect.) 4 sell or trade i have 60 dollars i can give and a tori hunter auto,irod auto,zito auto,and berkman auto/jersey plmk. THANKS

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    What I-Rod auto do u have, and are u interested in selling it? Lmk and thanks, Kirk

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    I have a 2003 Topps Miguel Tajada Auto BV: $40 for sale... will sell for $20....

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    I do have an Arod Fleer Mystique Auto....LMK what brand.year your autos are, and how much cash you can offer. BV is $120

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    I guess this is an example of one of those vague titles everyone is talking about.

    Can you list the brand and years of the cards you mentioned in your first post?

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    03 spx auto/jersey 318/590 berkman
    02 sp chirography 58/75 barry zito
    03 donruss sig. series torii hunter
    99 sp chirography irod

    kirk-not selling ichiro 51- hate miguel tejeda sorry acbaseball-can u pm me with a scan?

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