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Thread: $9.99 K-Mart Box Break

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    $9.99 K-Mart Box Break

    It was pretty sweet. In the first pack i got a

    2001 McNabb Fleer Show Time Uniformity Pants card!!

    So I had high hopes of getting another GU... I didn't but i do not care that was well worth my $10!!!!

    No notable rookies or anything but it was sweet for someone who is just starting to collect football!

    The McNabb is for trade if anyone is interested in it to.


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    hockeyrules9911 --- if you make a post in the football TRADING forum for the McNabb, you're bound to get quite a few offers over there.

    please post your buy/sell/trade cards in the TRADING forums


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    Okay thank you very much Podstock!

    I will do that

    Thanks !

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    i bought a $20.00 box yesterday and i didnt get anything

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    that's too bad. I got pretty lucky i guess... it is the 1st one that i have ever boughten

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    lol im lucky in the 10$ packs...last one i bough i got these 2- 2002 fleer box scores pressclippings jrsy marvin harrison and 2002 US Honor Roll Rookie ashley lelie jrsy w/part of patch

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    was the box you bought from kmart packaged by Vintage Sports cards in a sliver box? And did it say Championship collection on the bottom right side? IF it is i have bought many of these and recived at lease one $30 card in each best pull so far was a 2002 gridiron king Joe montana 23/100 worth $80..Their a great investment..w/b soon!

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    It was a silver box and it had 12 packs in it... It was a really really good deal and i am for sure going to get a few more when i get a chance!

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