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Thread: Card Show Help Please

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    Card Show Help Please

    Do any of you guys know of a place where i can look up where upcomming card shows are. I have never been to one before... I live in Vermont ... there isn't a ton of stuff going on around here.... anyway i just really wanna go to one and i don't know where to find out where they are.

    Please help me


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    Nov 9 & 30
    Burlington, VT
    Holiday Inn, Williston Rd.
    Time: 9-1
    Number of Tables: 20
    Contact: Chris King 802-775-6212
    Type of Show:

  4. #4 has a show calender link on the front page...thats one is the only show on there for oct and nov...

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    Sweeeeet thank you guys so much.... to bad burlington is like 2 hours away from where i live... maybe i can get up there!


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    How far are you from Boston? There is a big show in Wilmington, MA on Oct 31, Nov 1-2. It is one of the better Northeast shows, around 200 tables, lots of wax dealers...I'll be there.

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