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Thread: Surprise Ebay MOJO...

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    Surprise Ebay MOJO...

    Had a great mail day today recieved

    Ultimate Collection Dual JSY Pennington/ R. Moss

    SP Rookie Recruits JSY Ashley Lelie

    02 SPX Roy Williams RC JSY Auto #1/999

    funny thing that nowhere in the auction did it say that it was a #1 so I was pretty surprised to see the #1/999

    btw nothings up for trade.....

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    A #1 in a serially numbered card

    worth a premium!!!

    see how much it sells on ebay

    remember, football players are one injury away from an outstanding career turned into an "average" one.

    see Kurt Warner, Donovan McNabb and his broken ankle, Michael Vick (we'll see how he recovers)


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    How about keeping in mind chad pennington.. Hes another one that we are awaiting to see what happens


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    yup, same for Pennington.

    football is tough to collect. players just get hurt too often, and there's only 16 weeks in a season, so if you're out for a month, and need 2 more weeks to get back into playing shape, that's about 6 weeks of action you missed.

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