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    Looking for these Ranger rookies

    Some of the older guys are probaby not Rangers on their rookie cards but were big guys in there time with Texas which Is why I want them. LMK what you got. I sure am glad I don't have to put Nolan Ryan on this list. lol

    I am looking for rookie cards of the following:

    Retired players:
    Jim Sundberg
    Bump Wills
    Pete O'Brien
    Al Oliver
    Jeff Burroughs
    Larry Parrish
    Mickey Rivers
    Billy Sample
    Pete Incaviglia
    Odibe McDowell
    Tom Grieve
    Will Clark
    Frank Tanana
    Bobby Witt
    Gaylord Perry
    Tom Henke
    Jeff Russell
    Charlie Hough
    Fergie Jenkins
    Mike Hargrove
    Toby Harrah
    Buddy Bell
    Steve Buechele
    John Wetteland

    Still playing but not with Texas:
    Rick Helling
    Dean Palmer
    Julio Franco
    Rob Nen(believe it or not he started out a Ranger)
    Kevin Brown
    Mike Venafro
    Kenny Rogers
    Carlos Pena
    Doug Davis

    Current Active Rangers:
    Jeff Zimmerman
    Rusty Greer(Not active but not officially retired)
    Mike Lamb
    Michael Young
    Mark Teixeira
    Hank Blalock
    Laynce Nix
    Ramon Nivar
    Joaquin Benoit
    Rafael Palmeiro
    Juan Gonzalez
    Ivan Rodriguez(need only '91 Ultra rookie)

    I had no idea the Rangers had so many good players through there history. Look forward to seeing what you all have.

    Forgot to mention I will also pay cardcash for them along with trading.
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    Hey Molina,

    I've got RC of

    Pete Incaviglia - 1987 Topps
    Odibe McDowell - 1987 Topps
    Will Clark - 1987 Topps

    Rafael Palmeiro - 1987 Topps
    Juan Gonzalez - 1990 Topps

    send me a PM if you need the above cards


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