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Thread: I am also looking for Yankees!

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    I am also looking for Yankees!

    I don't really want plain GU, but might be interested in a unique GU. I am looking for autos and RC's though along with low numbered inserts. LMKguys.

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    I have a 1992 Upper Deck Minors Derek Jeter RC

    BV: $15

    I will sell it to you for $8.00 shipped.

    LMK if you are interested

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    Do you have any RC's of equal value that you would trade for it/

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    I already have one so probably not, but chekc my site and make me an offer.

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    I have a 2003 UD Aunthentisc GU Jersey Matsui.

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    what's bv and what are you looking for tommy?

    Dtrain. I'll pass, but thanx

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    The Book value is $60/$120. I am looking for 2003 UD Sweet Spot Classic patches & Autos or GU of Mantel, Williams, Snider & Musial.

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    Didn't realize it booked that much. Don't have anything of that value to trade. Thanx though.

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