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    Exclamation -2003 Topps Dontrelle Willis Autograph BV $100.00

    -2003 Topps Dontrelle Willis Autograph BV $100.00

    Need a card that's BV $100.00 or more. Wantlist is below.


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    Vic - don't have anything rich enough to swap for your Willis, but I have a potential trade offer of a Gator RC for you:
    2003 Topps Draft Picks & Prospects Chrome Refractor Taylor Jacobs 132 $25.00 RC

    Would you swap me these in return:
    2003-2004 Topps Josh Howard RC BV $1.50
    2002-2003 Topps Pristine Caron Butler Common Refractor RC (uncirculated) seq. #ed 0737/1899 BV $20.00
    2002-2003 Upper Deck Honor Roll Tim Duncan Superstar Tributes BV $4.00

  3. #3 the Jacobs, but not enough to trade the Butler for him. Thanks.


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    Then what kind of trade policy do you have? The Butler didn't have any stars next to it as a hard to get card, so I just went by book value.

    Here's another $20 card that caught my eye:
    2002 Playoff Honors Jeremy Shockey/Daniel Graham Rookie Tandems Dual Footballs (brown, black/brown, black, gold) BV $20.00
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    Yankee, I didn't mean your trade offer wasn't fair...but I would have rather kept the Butler than gain the Jacobs. Jacobs is not a high priority for me right now.

    ACB...trying to steer clear of baseball, looking for football/basketball.


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