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Thread: HUGE TRADELIST..... HUGE.....!

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    Talking HUGE TRADELIST..... HUGE.....!

    The following cards are for trade... I am collecting ONLY Rex Grossman cards I do not have.... I will supply a list of my Rex Grossman collection.... If you have no Grossman to trade, I will consider all "fair" cash options.... The list is long, but since we are on the internet right now, we apparently have plenty of time to read it... :o)

    Assorted Game Used Cards/Materials
    All Cards are from 2003 unless otherwise stated

    2002 Topps Marshall Faulk Goal Post
    2002 Upper Deck Jabar Gaffney Glory Bound Game-Worn Jersey (Blue)
    2002 Bowmans Best Jabar Gaffney Game-Worn Jersey (Blue) # 360/399
    2002 Upper Deck Jabar Gaffney (Blue) Craig Biggio (Black) City All Stars Game-Worn Jerseys
    2002 Upper Deck Peyton Manning Game-Worn Jersey (Blue)
    2002 Fleer Focus Ricky Williams Freeze Frame Jersey (Gold) & Film
    Sage Hit Rex Grossman Game-Worn Jersey (Blue)
    Donruss Elite Bart Starr Throwback Threads (Green) # 087/250
    Fleer Genuine Marvin Harrison Game-Worn Jersey (White)
    Topps Mike Alstott Prow Bowl Game-Worn Jersy (Blue)
    Topps Ricky Williams Pro Bowl Game-Worn Jersey (White)
    Score Ray Lewis Franchise Fabrics Game-Worn Jersey (White) # 061/250
    Score Junior Seau Franchise Fabrics Game-Worn Jersey (Blue) # 237/250
    Playoff Prestige Mike Alstott Game-Worn Jersey (Orange/Black/Burgandy) 3 colors
    Playoff Prestige Keyshawn Johnson Turning Pro Game-Worn Jersey (White) (Burgandy) # 139/250
    Playoff Prestige Jake Plummer (White/Burgandy) Marcel Shipp (Burgandy) Tandems # 382/400
    Playoff Prestige Peyton Manning (Blue) Edgerrin James (Blue) Tandems # 098/400
    Playoff Prestige Tim Brown Game-Worn Jersey (Black)
    Playoff Prestige Marshall Faulk Game Day Jersey (White)
    Flair Mike Alstott A Cut Above Game-Worn Jersey (White) # 390/500
    Flair Fred Sunday Showdown Game-Worn Patch Taylor (Gold/Green/White) # 035/100
    Fleer Showcase Marshall Faulk Football's Best Game-Worn Jersey (Blue)
    Fleer Showcase Randy Moss Avant Jersey Card (Purple) # 454/999
    Fleer Showcase Koren Robinson Hot Hands Game-Worn Jersey (Blue/White) # 284/599
    Fleer Showcase Peyton Manning Hot Hands Game-Worn Jersey # 241/599
    Fleer Showcase Peyton Manning Sweet Stitches Patch (Blue/White) # 157/201
    Fleer Showcase Antwaan Randle El Game Sweet Stitches Game-Worn Jersey (White) # 856/899
    Fleer Showcase Drew Brees Sweet Stitches Game-Worn Jersey (Blue) # 342/899
    Fleer Showcase Ricky Williams Football's Best Game-Worn Jersey (teal)
    Fleer Showcase Keyshawn Johnson Football's Best Game-Worn Jersey (White)
    Fleer Showcase Plaxico Burress Football's Best Game-Worn Jersey (White)
    Fleer Showcase Plaxico Burress Football's Best Game-Worn Jersey (White) GOLD # 087/150
    Fleer Showcase Warren Sapp Football's Best Game-Worn Jersey (White)
    SP Game Used Plaxico Burress Game-Worn Jersey (Black)
    SP Game Used Josh Reed Game-Worn Jersey (White)
    Ultra Peyton Manning Touchdown Kings Game-Worn Jersey (Blue)
    Topps All American Victor Hobson Fabric of America Game-Worn Jersey (White)
    Topps All American Kliff Kingsbury Fabric of America Game-Worn Jersey (Red)
    Topps All American Jerome McDougle Fabric of America Game-Worn Jersey (Red)
    Topps Draft Picks and Prospects ReShard Lee Collegiate Cuts Game-Worn Jersey (Blue)
    Topps Draft Picks and Prospects Kevin Curtis Collegiate Cuts Game-Worn Jersey (White)
    Topps Draft Picks and Prospects Brandon Lloyd Collegiate Cuts Game-Worn Jersey (Blue)
    Upper Deck Pros and Prospects Jason Thomas Jersey Card (Blue) # 067/350
    Upper Deck Pros and Prospects Sultan McCollough Jersey Card (Blue) # 253/350
    Upper Deck Pros and Prospects Justin Wood (Blue) & Jason Johnson (Red) Jersey Card # 074/350
    Upper Deck Pros and Prospects Ronald Bellamy Jersey Card (Red) # 275/350
    Classics Eric Dickerson Classic Materials Game-Worn Jersey (Blue) # 366/400
    Donruss Classics Trent Dilfer Classic Pigskin (Football) # 070/250
    Upper Deck MVP Kurt Warner Souvenirs Football with Ball Writing
    Sage Hit Dave Ragone Game-Worn Jersey (Red)
    Press Pass Andre Woolfolk Game-Worn Jersey (Red) # 128/575
    Press Pass Brandon Lloyd Game-Worn Jersey (White) # 366/575
    Press Pass Darrahn Diedrick Game-Worn Jersey (Names) (White/Red) # 11/25
    Playoff Absolute Taylor Jacobs Jersey (Burgandy) & Football # 372/750

    Assorted Serial Numbered Cards
    All Cards are from 2003 unless otherwise stated

    2002 Fleer Focus Chad Hutchinson Rookie # 1552/2850
    2002 Fleer Focus Travis Stephens Rookie # 1510/1850
    2002 Fleer Tony Gonzalez Mini Card # 124/125
    2002 Donruss Troy Aikman All Time Gridiron Kings (Studio Series) # 185/250
    2002 Donruss Earl Campbell All Time Gridiron Kings # 0593/2000
    2002 Donruss Steve Young All Time Gridiron Kings # 1734/2000
    2002 Donruss Barry Sanders All Time Gridiron Kings # 0084/2000
    2002 Donruss Brett Favre Gridiron Kings # 0125/2000
    2002 Donruss Anthony Thomas Elite # 1313/1500
    2002 Donruss Thurman Thomas Elite Legends # 0662/1500
    2002 Donruss Ashley Lelie Career Stat Line # 048/194
    2002 Donruss LeRoy Butler Career Stat Line # 122/220
    2002 Donruss Kalimba Edwards Career Stat Line # 003/233
    Ultra Marty Booker Platinum Medallion # 011/100
    Fleer Showcase Brett Favre Avant Card # 209/650
    Fleer Showcase Chad Pennington Avant Card # 285/350
    Fleer Showcase Tai Streets Gold # 060/125
    Fleer Showcase Tyrone Calico Rookie # 001/750
    Fleer Showcase Onterrio Smith Rookie # 013/750
    Fleer Showcase Dave Ragone Rookie # 336/750
    Fleer Showcase Andrew Pinnock Rookie # 243/750
    Fleer Showcase Jason Gesser Rookie # 453/750
    Fleer Showcase Brad Banks Rookie # 106/750
    Fleer Showcase Chris Brown Rookie # 084/750
    Fleer Showcase Chris Brown Rookie # 090/750
    Fleer Showcase Lee Suggs Avant Rookie # 120/650
    Fleer Showcase Justin Fargas Avant Rookie # 147/650
    Score Brett Favre Inside the Numbers # 3643/3658
    Score Travis Henry Inside the Numbers # 0685/1438
    Score Ahman Green Inside the Numbers # 0616/1240
    Score Justin Fargas Scorecard # 028/500
    Score Brandon Lloyd Scorecard # 260/500
    Score William Joseph Scorecard # 001/500
    Playoff Prestige Shaun Alexander Xtra Points Purple # 074/100
    Playoff Prestige Michael Vick Xtra Points Purple # 060/100
    Playoff Prestige Xtra Points Purple Talman Gardner Rookie # 12/25
    Playoff Prestige Jabar Gaffney Reunion # 1633/2002
    Playoff Prestige Priest Holmes Inside the Numbers # 0357/2002
    Playoff Prestige Andre Davis Reunion # 1258/2002
    Playoff Prestige Jeff garcia Inside the Numbers # 1227/2002
    Playoff Prestige Andre Johnson Draft Picks # 1490/2003
    Playoff Prestige Brandon Lloyd Draft Picks # 0033/2003
    Playoff Prestige Brandon Lloyd Draft Picks # 0318/2003
    Playoff Prestige Teyo Johnson Draft Picks # 1900/2003
    Playoff Prestige Carson Palmer Draft Picks # 1845/2003
    Playoff Prestige Chris Brown Draft Picks # 1006/2003
    Playoff Prestige Jerry Rice Inside the Numbers # 0861/2002
    Playoff Prestige Eric Moulds Inside the Numbers # 1710/2002
    Playoff Prestige Michael Bennett Inside the Numbers # 1444/2002
    Playoff Prestige Brett Favre Inside the Numbers # 1564/2002
    Playoff Prestige T.J. Duckett Reunion # 1043/2002
    Playoff Prestige Jeremy Shockey Reunion # 1104/2002
    Playoff Prestige Javon Walker Reunion # 0654/2002
    Playoff Prestige Eric Moulds / Keyshawn Johnson League Leaders # 0061/2002
    Playoff Prestige Tom Brady / Kerry Collins League Leaders # 1099/2002
    Playoff Prestige Jimmy Kennedy Draft Picks # 0061/2003
    Playoff Prestige Cris Carter Xtra Points Purple # 011/100
    Playoff Prestige Antowain Smith Xtra Points Purple # 019/100
    Playoff Prestige Tim Brown Xtra Points Purple # 092/100
    Playoff Prestige Jeff Blake Xtra Points Purple # 034/100
    Playoff Prestige Jamal Lewis Xtra Points Purple # 073/100
    Upper Deck Pros and Prospects Josh McGown / Drew Bledsoe Power and Potential # 0336/1700
    Upper Deck Pros and Prospects Kelly Holcomb / Tyrone Calico # 0424/1800
    Upper deck Pros and Prospects Onterrio Smith / Maurice Morris # 0516/1800
    Upper Deck Pros and Prospects Duce Staley / Andrew Pinnock # 1294/1800
    Upper Deck Pros and Prospects Ronald Bellamy / Amani Toomer # 0592/1800
    Upper Deck Pros and Prospects Justin Gage / Kirk Farmer # 0434/1800
    Upper Deck Pros and Prospects AJ Feeley / Keenan Howry # 0559/1800
    Upper Deck Pros and Prospects Clinton Portis / Edgerrin James Power and Potential # 0192/1700
    Upper Deck Pros and Prospects Marquis Walker / Keyshawn Johnson # 0547/1700
    Upper deck Pros and Prospects Ahman Green / Dahrran Diedrick # 1780/1800
    Upper Deck Pros and Prospects Todd Heap / Mike Pinkard # 0669/1800
    Upper deck Pros and Prospects Dennis Northcutt / Bobby Wade # 0789/1800
    Upper Deck Pros and Prospects Deion Branch / Troy Brown Power and Potential # 1592/1700
    Upper Deck Pros and Prospects Andre Davis / Shawn Witten # 1142/1800
    Upper Deck Pros and Prospects Andre Davis / Quincy Morgan # 0464/1700
    Donruss Elite Seneca Wallace Rookie # 107/500
    Donruss Elite Drayton Florence Rookie # 004/100
    Donruss Elite Terrell Davis Passing the Torch # 0931/1000
    Donruss Elite Donovan McNabb Pro Bowl Standouts # 1429/2002
    Donruss Elite Dante Culpepper Aspirations # 73/89
    Donruss Elite Warren Sapp / William Joseph College Ties # 0038/2000
    Donruss Elite Passing the Torch Kendrell Bell / Jack Lambert # 197/500
    Topps Priest Holmes Black # 041/150
    Topps Musa Smith Gold # 131/499
    Topps B.J. Askew Gold # 477/499
    Topps Mike Alstott Gold # 468/499
    Topps Tom Brady # Gold # 411/499
    Topps Brandon Bennett Gold # 017/499
    Topps Brian Dawkins Gold # 361/499
    Topps Stacey Mack Gold # 437/499
    Topps Jay Foreman Gold # 451/499
    Topps Reggie Wayne Gold # 128/499
    Topps Mike Doss Black # 066/150
    Topps Shane Matthews Black # 141/150
    Topps Ross Tucker Black # 150/150
    Topps Leon Johnson Black # 002/150
    Topps James Mungro Black # 057/150
    Donruss Classics Frank Gifford Legend # 0825/1000
    Donruss Classics Eric Moulds Timeless Tributes # 144/150
    Donruss Classics Rien Long Rookie # 045/900
    Donruss Classics Rashean Mathis Rookie # 720/900
    Donruss Classics Bobby Wade Rookie # 132/900
    Flair Tyrone Calico Rookie # 041/125
    Flair Ken Dorsey Rookie # 256/500
    Flair LeBrandon Toefield Rookie # 364/500
    Flair Musa Smith Rookie # 030/125
    Playoff Absolute Chris Simms Rookie # 0426/1100
    Fleer Authentics Seneca Wallace Rookie 0376/1250
    Fleer Genuine Byron Leftwich with card inside # 456/499
    Fleer Genuine Dave Ragone Rookie # 043/799
    Press Pass Carson Palmer Reflector # 182/500
    Press Pass Carson palmer Reflector # 315/500

    Assorted Autographs
    All Cards are from 2003 unless otherwise stated

    2001 Press Pass Nate Clements
    2002 Score Ron Johnson Inscriptions
    Topps James Mungro
    Topps Laveranues Coles
    Sage Jason Gesser # 254/520
    Sage Sammy Davis # 382/799
    Sage Marcus Trufant # 799/930
    Upper Deck Pros and Prospects Shaun Alexander # 102/500
    (2) Press Pass Bronze DeJuan Groce
    Press Pass Bronze Eric Steinbach
    Press Pass Bronze Vincent Manuwai
    Press Pass Bronze DeWayne White
    Press Pass Bronze Kwame Harris
    Press Pass Bronze Dahrran Diedrick
    Press Pass Bronze Brandon Lloyd
    Press Pass Bronze Andrew Pinnock
    (2) Press Pass Jerome McDogule
    Press Pass Bronze Andre Woolfolk
    Press Pass Silver Brian St. Pierre # 016/200
    Press Pass Silver Earnest Graham # 130/200
    Press Pass Silver Angelo Crowell # 118/200
    Topps All American Billy McMullen
    Topps All American Talman Gardner
    Sage Hit Emerald Dallas Clark
    Sage Hit Emerald Sammy Davis
    Sage Hit Gold E.J. Henderson
    Sage Hit Silver Jason Gesser
    Sage Hit Silver RaSheen Mathis
    Sage Hit Silver Tully Banta-Cain
    Sage Hit Silver Sammy Davis
    Sage Hit Silver E.J. Henderson
    Sage Hit Silver Andy Groom
    Sage Hit Gold Teyo Johnson Class of 2003 # 98/100
    Sage Hit Emerald Teyo Johnson
    Sage Hit Emerald Lee Suggs
    Sage Hit Emerald Brandon Lloyd
    Sage Hit Gold Brandon Lloyd # 41/250
    (2) Sage Hit Silver Ronald Bellamy
    (2) Sage Hit Silver Dahrran Diedrick
    Sage Hit Silver Justin Fargas
    Sage Hit Gold Justin Fargas Class of 2003 # 99/100
    Sage Hit Emerald Justin Fargas
    (4) Sage Hit Emerald Chris Brown
    (3) Sage Hit Silver Tyrone Calico
    Sage Hit Emerald Tyrone Calico

    My Grossman Collection...... Nice Huh ?

    Playoff Prestige
    Playoff Prestige Xtra Points # 08/25
    Press Pass Paydirt
    Press Pass Prime Time
    Press Pass Reflector Proof # 018/100
    Press Pass Reflector # 067/500
    Press Pass Red Torquers
    Press Pass Base
    Press Pass Big Numbers
    Press Pass JE Base
    Press Pass JE Retail Base
    Press Pass JE Class of 2003
    Press Pass JE Old School
    Press Pass JE Rookie Vision
    Sage Platinum Level Autograph # 2/20
    Sage Autograph # 233/395
    Sage Jersey (Blue) # 26/99
    Sage Hit Base
    Sage Hit Class of 2003 Emerald
    Sage Hit Emerald Autograph
    Sage Hit Gold Autograph # 156/250
    Sage Hit Jersey (Blue)
    Sage Hit Premium Jersey (Blue/Orange) # 6/50
    Sage Hit Class of 2003 Autograph # 99/100
    Sage Hit Silver Autograph
    Sage Hit Write Stuff
    Sage Hit Write Stuff Autograph # 18/25
    Fleer Platinum
    Ultra Head of the Class # 217/599
    Ultra Gold Medallion
    Topps All American Foil
    Score Card # 290/500
    Fleer Authentics Club Box # 028/100
    Sage Player Proof Autograph # 8/20
    Donruss Elite College Ties # 0154/2000
    Donruss Classics Timeless Tributes # 086/100
    Score Inscriptions Autograph

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    Topps Laveranues Coles
    Upper Deck Pros and Prospects Shaun Alexander # 102/500

    are u looking for just r.g. or something else?

    2002 Donruss Private Signings PS3 Andra Davis
    2002 Upper Deck Sweet Spot 157 Kahlil Hill AU/550
    2003 Press Pass Autographs Bronze 31 Kareem Kelly
    2001 E-X Rookie Autographs 110 James Jackson/375
    2001 Pacific Dynagon 130 Adam Archuleta AU RC
    2001 SPx 114B T Minor JSY AU/900
    1999 Press Pass Autographs 9 Jevon Kearse
    2000 SP Authentic Sign of the Times SM Sylvester Morris
    2000 Stadium Club Lone Star Signatures LS19 Jon Kitna
    2000 UD Ionix UD Authentics TW Troy Walters

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    Yes, just looking for Grossman right now..........

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    I could use this:
    2002 Score Ron Johnson Inscriptions
    You need Grossman, I have a Sage Hit Auto of him, need it?

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