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Thread: Mark Prior Autographs...

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    Mark Prior Autographs...

    I have a 2002 Flair Mark Prior autograph bat card 100/285 bv 120 and a 2003 Fleer Hot Prospectd Mark Prior auto /400 bv 60$.

    I put this out here to see what people will offer.


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    Just a suggestion but next time maybe you could instead of having 4 threads just have 1 with all of your items for trade!
    Just a kindly suggestion!

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    I like the Hot Prospects... I was also interested in your Musial auto... I would give you these for the Prior:

    2003 TOpps Miguel Tejada Auto BV: $40 -and-
    2003 Donruss Signature Century Notaions Auto/100 Signed "MLD 7-27-94" BV: $25 for the $60 card...plmk, thanks!!

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    i like the auto bat...check my site and lmk wut u like from me for it

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    jandjkards- i like the mulder and the manny.....maybe we can work out a smaller deal

    ichiro - not thanks

    hairsaton - thanks for the suggestion

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    I like both priors. Take a look at my site and lmk if u see anything thanx

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    Add me to the list.

    I want both Priors. Please check my site. Thanks.

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    scobob - didnt see anything sry

    zitofan - didnt see anything sry

    Acbasesball - i like the bonds autos , gagne auto , helton auto, and 99 fleer mystiguw arod auto


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