i am trying to get almost completely out of basketball... here are some cards for sale or trade for baseball GU or AUTOS possible trade for other basketball gu or autos but only former Indiana University players

Allen, Ray 96-97 Z-Force RC bv 2.00
Allen, Ray 97-98 Z-Force Zensations bv 2.00
Avery, William 99 press pass authentics full court press bv ???
Barry, Brent 95-96 Collectors choice RC bv ???
Battier, Shane 01-02 Upper Deck RC bv 4.00
Bibby, Mike 98-99 TOpps RC bv 2.00
Billups, Chauncey 97 Wheels Young Guns bv ???
Billups, Chauncey 97-98 Stadium Club RC bv .50
Brand, Elton 01-02 Upper Deck MVP world jam bv 2.00
Garnett, Kevin 97-98 Skybox Premium Intimidators bv 7.00
Garnett, Kevin 98-99 Metal Universe bv 1.50
Garnett, Kevin 02-03 UD MVP Air Apparent bv 4.00
Gasol, Pau 01-02 Upper Deck RC bv 8.00
Gasol, Pau 01-02 Stadium Club RC bv 6.00
Hughes, Larry 99-00 EX Century bv 5.00

have thousands of cards.. lmk what you want.... i do NOT have any lebron or carmello cards for trade... i do have other rookies from topps and Victory... lmk what you need