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Thread: New gu in!

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    Arrow New gu in!

    I have just gotten in a....
    2002 Leaf Shirt Off my back Brad Radke Jersey
    I'll sell for only $3!
    Or I can do $2 and SASE!

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    if he doesnt want it, i do i can send it with the other stuff i am getting........plmk

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    what happened to the "last post,done collecting"?

    I have a Hairston Topps chome if you want it, pm me .. sase is all I need

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    Yeah it was suppose to be my last trading post but I didn't get enough interest!I'm think I'm all sett on the Hairston.Thanks though.
    I will reply to the pm's!

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    Hemi711---I guess he's not interestd!He hasn't pnm'ed me so it's all yours.What other stuff are you getting or sending me?LMK
    PM me!

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