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    New Cards Picked Up At Card Show

    heres wut i got

    01-02 P.Forsberg/J.Sakic SP Game Used /100 Dual Jersey
    02-03 S.Upshall Premier Gold /25 Auto RC
    00-01 D.Aebischer SP Game Used /900

    lmk if u like them and wut ud pay/trade for them

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    Which show was this? The Freehold Mall one? If so, were you the one who had a Hemsky SPA Auto RC in his hand? At a booth, and somone wanted to buy it from you?

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    yes, it was freehold, i had a sp authentic auto hemsky...wut color shirt was i wearin, lol

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    I dunno... but i think you had a hat on, and you were getting a Roy Relic auto or somthign of that sort. And a SP game used dual jersey. From a guy with a greyish beard. Am i right?

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    id sell the aebishcer for $20

    yes, i was wearin a hat and got a sp game used dual jersey from a guy with a grey beard

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    I was at that same show! Wasn't there that long however, picked up 2 boxes and left.

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    Alot of people around these parts eh? I only picked up stuff i needed for my Portraits set... didnt have that much money... also i was the one in the black hoodie with the glasses looking at the case.

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