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Thread: Miami To The ACC?

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    Exclamation Miami To The ACC?

    I haven't seen anyone talk about this so I thought I'd inform you. The ACC's TV contract ends in 2004 and in looking to boost that new contract, they have been looking to add 3 teams to the ACC so they can have a split football conference with a conference championship game. First on their list is Miami, second is Syracuse, and third is Boston College... yup, that's right, all Big East teams.

    Now here's the deal :

    Syracuse and Boston College probably won't budge unless Miami goes. If Miami doesn't go, Syracuse & BC don't have any reason to compete in a mostly southern league. So everything depends on Miami moving.

    Pro :
    Miami would play a lot of games closer to home. They'd be in a more lucrative football conference (in some peoples opinion). They'd get more money since the new TV contract would be HUGE.

    Con :
    Miami is well established in the Big East and them leaving would destroy the Big East. Miami's basketball program would do absolutely NOTHING in the ACC with pretty much having no chance of an NCAA bid. Also, the way divisions would setup, they'd play Florida State each year with the loser most likely be out of the championship game.

    If Miami leaves, then so does Syracuse and BC because if they don't, then ACC will turn to Virginia Tech... and neither BC nor Syracuse will let VT go and stay in a dying Big East.

    I've grown up a HUGE Big East fan because that's all I've known. If Miami, Syracuse, and BC leave the Big East, most likely Pitt would then become the 12th team in the Big 10. That would be cool and all to play the likes of Penn State and Ohio State every year and would put is un a more lucrative basketball conference (although I don't agree with that either).

    Anyone have any opinions on the matter or anything else to add?

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    Thanks Ig, I hadn't seen this yet. I personallly don't want to see any moves. It would be a huge hit on the Big East.

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    I haven't heard anything about it until I saw this post, I don't think it would be a good move for Miami, and it would definitely be a huge blow to the big east conference....

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    Yes, if Miami goes so does the Big East because Syracuse and BC won't be left out in the dark in a dying conference. I just wish Miami would say what the hell they want to do and get this all over with. I have heard that Pitt is talking currently with the Big 10 though... talk about making Pitt a HUGE sports school then!

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    I think Penn State should be in the Big East, why they're in the Big Ten is dumb. Ohio State should be a Big East team (if others leave), too. Long live Seton Hall.


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    Well, the seas have parted. The ACC officially voted yesterday to expand by 3 teams so Miami and the Big East could be gone very soon.

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    Well Miami, BC, and Syracuse have got the official invite now from the ACC. This weekend the Big East is meeting for their annual meetings so hopefully something can be worked out to give the ACC the Big East Middle Finger!

    It looks like to me though that this is a done deal on Miami's move though. The thing I like though is Pitt seems to understand this and are taking steps for the future. They officially hired a new AD yesterday in Jeff Long. His last stint was with Oklahoma as senior assistant AD but most importantly IMO has a 10+ year tie with the Big 10 as a member of Michigan's administration. I great centerpiece if Pitt were to try to make a run in becoming the Big 10's 12th team!

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    I just saw in the paper this morning where the Big East will begin negotiations with Miami to keep them in the conference, first issue will be money big suprise huh!!!

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